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Aka is a life simulation game developed by Cosmo Gatto and published by Neowiz. It's a game in which you can do gardening, exploring, relaxing in hot springs, making objects and furniture, but also meet colorful characters and play mini-games all over the place. . All led by a poignant narration revealing the demons of the cute little red panda's past.

For this project I had the chance to collaborate with Cosmo Gatto, a studio run by Namra with the help of Justine Landau. It was a very nice experience for me and it allowed me to develop my musical style a little in a calm and soothe style.
If you want to know more about the design of the OST, here is a little making of:

The project received good reviews when it was released on Switch and PC.
The music is often noted as one of the game's strong points, as are the game's sublime visuals.

Here are some game test links: (EN) (FR) (FR)

I also had the chance to work with two musicians, namely Gamer of the Winds who enhanced the orchestra with his magnificent flutes, as well as Nathan Minière who brought softness with his cello.

The ost is available on all listening platforms:

Aka is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch

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